Learn about SEO and the powerful impact it have on web.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is the new algorithm that has been adopted by well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. that brings traffic to your web pages which is 100% free, organic and shows natural search results. Usually websites pay to the search engines to get better standing when searched, those are called as ads and those are really not the websites that contains a quality content. The algorithm of these search engines is working on several principles that helps to rank your webpages is mainly based on On-The-Page factors and Off-The-Page factors.

On-The-Page factors:

On-The-Page factors are the factors that are in direct control of the owner and the publisher, negligence in these factors will never give you the desired results. To achieve better results, it is important to put your initial efforts in these things.

  1. Domain selection:

The most important thing is to select a good domain name. The world has progressed so much that people go after a quality name believing that it can you a quality result. When you do not have an appropriate domain name nobody will recognize you. Not costing your finances for a better domain name can cost you so much in future. Domain name is the first and foremost thing that your client will look at and if your first impression does not hold a name of trust then it is not wrong to say that it will cost you many things to build a trust among masses as well to make them their client.

Branding domains is another kind of importance that is given to the selection of domain name because this is another way to attract your client. If your website has a proper domain name then there are more chances that they will trust you and your company. Branding domain gives more trust to the clients because a brand will always have a website with its brand name domain name.


What type of domain name will be preferred?

It is important to understand that not all domain names are preferred. It is necessary to include your keywords in the domain name to make sure that the search engines will prefer your domain names over other websites. Do you think that a web search of “real estates in America” would be preferred if its domain name is “top-notch real estate club wealth.” So, the answer to it is clearly a No! You can get your web page on the top only by paying for it and there is no other way that you can be preferred by search engines with this domain name. If you want to improve your rank, it is important to match the keywords of your web content with your domain name.


  1. Web content:

It is very much important to maintain a good web content of your website. If you think that you can achieve a higher rank and attract more traffic towards your web page without web content, and most importantly a good content then, you are wrong. If you aim to see your webpage on the top, then it is important to focus on a good web content that is also synchronized with your domain name or you can say that prefer a domain name that includes the keywords of your web content.

It is also important to maintain a proper content and where you give importance to the quality, do not forget to maintain a good content on your website and if you are in competition, make sure that you have more good quality content than your rivals because it is another thing that holds importance after a good domain name. Do not forget that your content shall compliment your domain name.

  1. Site metas:

Site meta tags contains the keywords that is about the site. It is also important to keep a quality link between website description and the domain name. When the domain name is not as per the website descriptions or the meta tags then it is difficult to maintain your clients because the website does not meet the expectations of the clients. Moreover, when the domain name does not justify your web content, it becomes dissatisfaction for the potential clients and visitors as well.

Off-The-Page factors:

Off-The-Page factors also includes numerous factors that includes the reasons of numbering your web page on the top. Off-The-Page factors includes the involvement of visitors, their preference and their location. Based on their search history, search engines show the results that are mostly visited by the visitors or the location where they are. This issue can also be removed if you play safe. Playing safe means to work harder on your site and focus on the keywords. Make sure that whenever you choose a domain name, it includes the keywords of your web-page.

By putting keywords in your web content and domain name as well. You justify the quality of your website and when the quality is high, search engine will prefer the website and off-page factors will matter the least and your page can be ranked higher disregard of the visitor’s preferences. If you fill your web-content with general information which does not includes the keywords on your web page or domain name then this will not increase the quality of your website and even if the web page has a good quality content but, if it’s domain name is not justified with the content then SEO will not rank your page higher. So, with quality and quantity it is also important to focus on the domain name of you web page. A single domain name can create huge difference to get unpaid traffic. This will not only increase traffic but, it will also increase the trust of the clients.

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